Volume 8

Transforming The Health Care Experience With Technology

Independence Health Group and Comcast join forces  to build the digital ecosystem patients need

By M. Diane McCormick


Technology is transforming health care, scaling mountains that were once beyond conquest. Diagnoses are delivered. Diseases are cured. Lives are lengthened.


Technology also is transforming everyday moments, from recommending a book you’re sure to love to the reminder that it’s time to buy dog food.

Volume 7

Using design principles to reshape medical education

Educators at Thomas Jefferson University leverage cross-disciplinary practices to drive cutting-edge thinking

By M. Diane McCormick


The members of Owl Medical Team cherished their idea for a mattress to reduce the scourge of bedsores. For two weeks, they labored over a prototype equipped with gels and inflatable bladders.

Then they showed it to doctors and nurses. No good, the medical professionals said. The mattress would increase pressure in some areas and interfere with medical equipment. Although the team would later succeed by refocusing on the human element when it comes to care, that initial rejection was hard to hear.